China Garden Lunch Menu (Mon-Sat 10am to 3pm)

All lunch special come with pork fried rice and a pork egg roll for $6.25

White Sauce Brown Sauce Spice Sauce Lo Mein/Kung Bo General Tao Miscellaneous
Ch Chow Mein Ch Broccoli Hunan Ch Ch Lo Mein General Ch Sweet&Sour Ch
Sh Chow Mein Sh Broccoli Hunan Sh Sh Lo Mein Sesame Ch Sweet&Sour Sh
Veg Chow Mein Beef Broccoli Hunan Beef Pork Lo Mein Orange Ch Sweet&Sour Pork
Sh & Lob Sauce Pork Broccoli Szechuan Ch Pork Lo Mein Sesame Beef Pork Egg Foo
Moo Goo Gai Pan Ch Chinese Vg Szechuan Sh Kung Bo Ch Orange Beef Ch Egg Foo
Almond Ch Sh Chinese Vg Szechuan Beef Kung Bo Sh General To Fu Sh Egg Foo
Almond Sh Beef Chinese Vg Garlic Ch Kung Bo Beef Sesame To Fu BBQ Ribs
Pork Chinese Vg Garlic Sh Cashew Ch or Sh Boneless Spare Ribs